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About us

Mission Statement of the Haniel Foundation

We are an EDUCATION FOUNDATION. We address current and urgent issues from the field of education by enabling people to tackle these challenges in the entrepreneurial spirit and for the common good.

Offering people prospects, promoting ideas – the way we work
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Offering people prospects, promoting ideas

The way we work

Targeted and sustainable: the Haniel Foundation wants its projects to have the biggest possible impact. To this end, it focuses on networking and partnerships with and between cooperative partners. It provides development stimuli and sees projects through to their sustainable establishment. The not-for-profit foundation currently donates around two million euros a year in funding to its focal areas of educational opportunities and the promotion of future generations.

In our globally networked world of work, intercultural competencies are in demand.
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‘Strengthening future managers and the image of entrepreneurs within society’

Promoting future generations

The Haniel Foundation stands for value-oriented entrepreneurship – out of a sense of tradition and conviction. Focusing on sustainable ideas and creative approaches to societal change, we promote talented up-and-coming managers.

Scholarship holders of the Haniel scholarship over the rooftops of Berlin
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Qualifications for working internationally

Haniel Scholarship Program

The German students who qualify for a Haniel scholarship from the study foundation each year are given the perfect preparation for a future in an international company. This gives them the opportunity to then embark on business-related postgraduate studies at leading universities around the world.

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The European way

European Haniel Program

With the support of the Haniel Foundation, the University of St. Gallen and the Copenhagen Business School encourage young managers to think about their actions in order to excel. The key questions considered are the roles that cultural studies and social sciences can play in management and entrepreneur training.

participants of the Haniel Japan Program
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To Tokyo and back

Haniel Japan Program

The Haniel Foundation has been funding the first German-Japanese double master’s programme since 2009. Its aim is to produce multilingual experts and future executives to serve as expert mediators between Europe and Asia.

Pupils pose the word 'kreativ' german for creative
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More than just a scholarship

Stipendiary seminar

The Haniel Foundation brings its stipendiaries and alumni together at its annual stipendiary seminar, as a platform for them to forge links and build up their networks. The programme features presentations given by experts, panel discussions and workshops.