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To Tokyo and back

Haniel Japan Program

The Haniel Foundation has been funding the first German-Japanese double master’s programme since 2009. Its aim is to produce multilingual experts and future executives to serve as expert mediators between Europe and Asia.

It all began in 2004 with a seminar series with the theme “Halle in Japan – Japan in Halle”. The Haniel Foundation decided to commit long-term to building bridges between Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg and Keiô University in Tokyo – an elite Japanese university. Since then, the two universities have signed a partnership agreement and developed a double master’s programme, the first of its kind between a German and a Japanese full-scale university. Since 2010, the course has been implemented as the Japan Programme in cooperation with the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes. The Japan Programme allows five students a year to attend the two-year double master’s course, whereby they not only acquire outstanding knowledge of Japanese language and culture, but also a German and a Japanese master’s degree. The objective is to educate Japan experts to act as skilled intermediaries between Europe and Asia in the context of their own discipline. Many former students have already successfully started their careers with renowned Japanese companies or in the field of Japanese studies.

Multifaceted commitment

In addition, the Haniel Foundation is championing the establishment of German-Japanese academic and economic exchange in many ways. Under the Haniel Japan Programme, it awards scholarships for short stays, years abroad and research visits. In order to prepare the students from Japan and Germany linguistically and technically for the reciprocal short stays alongside economic topics, the Haniel Foundation also supports e-learning and online seminars in Japanese as innovative teaching methods. And to promote exchange at professor level, a foundation guest professorship has been established at the Martin Luther University that regularly allows Japanese university lecturers to teach and research in Germany.

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Application Japan Scholarshipprogram

Everything at a glance The flyer (in German) on the Japan Scholarshipprogram of Haniel Foundation an the German National AcademicFoundation contains information on requirements and achievements.

To the land of the rising sun

The Japanese Studies course at Halle concentrates on the society, culture, politics and economics of modern Japan.

Celebrated Japanese institution In 2008, the most famous private university in Tokyo marked its 150th anniversary, making it one of Asia’s oldest seats of learning.