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Building bridges


The McCloy Academic Scholarship Program and the Haniel Foundation have been promoting transatlantic dialogue between America and Europe since 2002. The program enables up to six stipendiaries to study at the renowned Harvard University for two years.

Transatlantic dialogue

Building bridges between America and Europe – this is the aim of the McCloy Academic Scholarship Program. This is also one of the aims of the Haniel Foundation in supporting one of six scholarships since 2002. The McCloy programme provides the opportunity to take a two-year Master’s degree course at Harvard University and allows participants to gain an excellent insight into the society, politics and economy of the USA. The German scholars can establish international contacts in the process.

School for the elite

The Master's course at Harvard Kennedy School lasts two years and includes an internship. The scholars receive either the Master of Public Administration or the Master of Public Policy degree. Graduates in any subject can apply to the German National Academic Foundation. The foundation established the programme together with Harvard University and the Volkswagen Foundation over 25 years ago.

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McCloy Scholarship

Doing relevant and useful things

Since 1983, the McCloy Scholarship has been offering outstanding students an opportunity to spend two years at Harvard. Susanna Krüger, Frank Müller, Friederike von Reden and Stefan Wisbauer all jumped at the chance. Four fellows from four different years talk about their experiences.

Von Haniel Stiftung

Everything at a glance

The factsheet (only in german) on the McCloy Academic Scholarship Program contains information on requirements and achievements.

Direct line

Meet current and former McCloy scholars on their official homepage (only in german).

I have great respects for politicians

The former McCloy scholarship holder Tobias Leipprand speaks in this interview about public policy and the tasks and objectives of LEAD, the Mercator Capacity Building Center for Leadership & Advocacy (only in german).