A student works with the help of his teacher at a computer from the Talent Company
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Talent Company

The »Talent Company« supports pupils at Aletta Haniel ­Comprehensive School with ­voca­tional guidance and entering the workforce.

The »Talent Company« at Ale­­tta Haniel Comprehensive School, an integrated comprehensive school in Duisburg-Ruhrort, is steeped in concentrated silence. Juliane Kaup, a teacher and careers adviser, is helping Shirin write a CV. At a different table, Emre and Annika are study​ing job centre information brochures. Next to them, Yasin is repeatedly rubbing his eyes. In a moment or two, he will have a phone interview with a potential training workplace. Kaup is looking over at him: »You’re going to make it. You’ve prepared so well. Just remember what we talked about«, she says, encouraging her pupil. The room is open for pupils during lunchtime on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. During these hours, Kaup and her colleagues from the career guidance team assist them on all matters related to entering the workforce. »Between 12.30 and 13.30, this place is bustling«, Kaup says, smiling. She adds: »Most importantly, we can guide pupils individually in choosing a vocation. Many of them lack self-confidence. We tell them: we believe in you, just go for it!« Kaup points out that the lack of self-confidence is often rooted in the pupils’ feeling that their German is not up to scratch. Almost 80 per cent of all pupils at Aletta ­Haniel ­Comprehensive School come from a migrantion background, many of them only recently arrived in Germany. »Sound and sustained career advice is of particular importance for these pupils. They’re using the ­»Talent Company« a lot, and they like it«, says Kaup.

For research and in finding orientation, pupils have access to the entire inventory of the »Talent Company«. The room resembles a modern office, complete with PC stations, a lounge area, presentation areas for companies, information on the regional job market, and career orientation literature, giving pupils a sense of slipping right into a business environment. During term time, regional businesses have the opportunity to present themselves to the pupils. Such events are held almost weekly and several pupils have already found training positions this way. Proudly, Yasin hangs up the phone. He has been invited to the next round! Perhaps this will result in a training position. One thing is already clear: he has gained a lot of self-confidence, and maybe the next phone call will come easier. His success exemplifies the valuable work of the »Talent Company«. It opens up perspectives and points to possibilities – above all, it instils courage. Like many others, Yasin is getting support in finding his way into work.

Since 2011, the Strahlemann® Foundation has been working in the field of career orientation and training placement for pupils. With its roots in the business region of Southern Hesse, the ­»Talent Company« has recently made its debut in North Rhine-Westphalia thanks to the Haniel Foundation’s support. At ­Aletta Haniel Comprehensive School in ­Duisburg-Ruhrort, youngsters get active support in their transition from school to the workforce.

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Aletta Haniel Comprehensive School

Aletta Haniel Comprehensive School ensures the successful use of the room and offers its pupils comprehensive and individual support.

Lord Mayor Sören Link

We are pleased to have gained an extremely dedicated sponsor for the Talent Company project in Sören Link, Lord Mayor of the City of Duisburg.

With the Talent Company project, the Strahlemann Initiative from the region of Hesse, which is characterised by medium-sized businesses, has been successfully working in the area of the transition from school to employment for more than ten years and has now managed to establish itself in North Rhine-Westphalia for the first time on the initiative of the Haniel Foundation.