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‘Creating educational opportunities and shaping integration’

Educational opportunities

In Germany, a child’s education is dependent upon its family background. This is what motivated Franz Haniel to set up a school and a fund for talented children in Ruhrort in his home town of Duisburg in 1856. And this is what motivates us to this day: with our sights set on creating educational opportunities and shaping integration, we support children and adolescents who have had a difficult start in life.

More education for Duisburg

On the occasion of his golden wedding anniversary in 1856, Franz Haniel donated a school to his home town of Duisburg-Ruhrort. The family entrepreneur also set up a fund which was used to pay the school fees of talented children whose parents could not afford to send them to school. Thus, in the 19th century Franz Haniel demonstrated a principle of values according to which the founding company and the Haniel family act to the present day: business success goes hand in hand with the obligation to create added social value. In this tradition, the Haniel Foundation is committed to better education with its focus on Educational opportunitys. Its objective is to open up future opportunities especially for children and young people with difficult starting conditions. After all, family background still determines the education of a child in Germany.

Breaking barriers together

In 2009, the Haniel Foundation launched the Aletta Haniel Program at the Aletta Haniel Comprehensive School in Duisburg-Ruhrort . Two specialists were hired to work in this pilot project on behalf of weaker-performing young people at Aletta Haniel Comprehensive School. They help them to improve their final grade and support them in the transition from school to work.

Improving the prospects of educationally disadvantaged young people and working together for fairness in education in Duisburg: these are the objectives of the Education as an opportunity cooperation project. Here, the four organisations Teach First Deutschland, Chancenwerk e.V., Apeiros e.V. and Ashoka Deutschland are dovetailing their activities in Duisburg for the first time. The project was initiated by Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH in 2010, and since 2013 it has been in the area of responsibility of the Haniel Foundation. In 2013, the Welker Foundation enabled the launch of Apeiros in Duisburg. 70% of the comprehensive schools and secondary schools in Duisburg are reached already. Aim is, to further expand the project in Duisburg.

2011 the Haniel Foundation established the first Talent Company of the Strahlemann Initiative in North Rhine-Westphalia at Aletta Haniel Comprehensive School. This is a specialist room that provides pupils with support in making the transition between school and the world of work and bundles supporting measures. Here, the pupils not only gain direct access to the labour market but also have the opportunity to take part in workshops that enhance both application and career skills. The room, which resembles a modern office, features a host of ultramodern equipment that pupils can use to complete and print out their applications as well as take part in telephone interviews under expert guidance. Bearing in mind the importance of the transition between school and employment – and to the delight of the project partners – Lord Mayor of the City of Duisburg Sören Link has taken on the role of sponsor for the project.

Von Haniel Stiftung


Opportunities for the future

In Duisburg, four organisations are linking together their activities for the first time in the Education as an opportunity cooperation project: Teach First Deutschland, Chancenwerk, Apeiros and Ashoka.

Getting ready for the world of work 

The Aletta Haniel Programme at the Aletta Haniel Comprehensive School is giving pupils from the age of 14 thorough guidance on entering the world of work .

Transition from school to the world of work

The Talent Company at Aletta Haniel Comprehensive School provides pupils with bundled support for their entry into the world of work.

Commitment to Duisburg

In 2013, the Welker Foundation enabled the launch of Apeiros in Duisburg, making a significant contribution to the development of the cooperation project opportunity for education.