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Acting conscientiously

The foundation in figures

What are our focal areas? What’s the story with growth and funding? Together with experts, the Haniel Foundation reviews its work and its strategic focus every five years. Good foundation practice includes transparency, clear and binding operating principles and the publishing of our principles.

The Haniel Foundation is a member of the Association of German Foundations. It is committed to both the Guiding Principles of Good Practice for Foundations (in German) and the Recommendations for Charitable Corporate Foundations (in German). The highest responsible supervisory authority is the Düsseldorf Regional Government (in German).

Each year the Haniel Foundation prepares annual financial statements in accordance with the principles of the German Commercial Code for small-sized corporations. The accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) audits the annual financial statements – so far without any objections.

In accordance with its articles of association, the Haniel Foundation concentrates on four key areas: Educational Opportunities and Promoting Future Generations. Every five years it reviews its work and strategic outlook together with external specialists – and is also doing this in 2015.

Responsibly invested

The foundation assets grow primarily through external donations of the founding company and its shareholders. Since the Haniel Foundation was founded in 1988 they have grown to nine times their original size – from €5 million to €45 million. The capital is largely invested with the founding company on a fixed income basis. The Haniel Foundation is also a shareholder of the founding company and therefore receives a dividend. On top of this, it builds up reserves of €200,000 annually.

Between 1988 and the end of 2016 the Haniel Foundation supported almost 1,230 projects with some €24 million. The annual provision of funds in 2016 came to €2,2 million. This means that the Haniel Foundation is now one of the largest educational foundations among some 20,000 private foundations in Germany.

Von Haniel Stiftung


Appendix on articles of incorporation

As an independent private charitable foundation the Haniel Foundation has its own articles of association. Among other things, these govern the mission of the foundation and the composition and responsibilities of the decision-making and supervisory bodies. (only available in German)

Strategy Review 2015

Every five years the Haniel Foundation reviews its work and strategic outlook together with external specialists – and is also doing this in 2015. You can read the findings here