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Educational opportunities/Promoting future generations
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Educational opportunities / Promoting future generations

Our focal areas


Creating educational opportunities and promoting future generations – these are the focal areas of Haniel Foundation. The Features Empowering Duisburg and Recognizing and nurturing talent explain our mission in these focal areas.

Learning together – educational opportunities – Empowering Duisburg
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Educational opportunities

Empowering Duisburg


Education is the key to a successful future. To offer all children - regardless of their origin – the same educational opportunities, Haniel Foundation advocates for educational justice, especially in Duisburg. You can read more about our committment for Duisburg and education here.

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Reading on the publication „Freedom and common good“


Last Friday the reading on the publication „freedom and common good – everlasting differences or two sides of the same coin?“ took place in the Federal Administrative Court of Leipzig. Based on a lecture of Hans-Jürgen Papier, former president of the Federal Constitutional Court at the 5th Haniel Circle the publication was published in an edition of 900 copies (Edition Speersort of Tempus Corporate, ISBN 978-3-945627-09-9). Editors are Hans Jürgen Papier and Timo Meynhardt, chairholder of the Dr. Arend Oetker Chair of Business Psychology and Leadership at the Leipzig Graduate School of Management and Managing Director of the „Center für Leadership and Values in Society“ at the University of St.Gallen.

About us

The honorable merchant


For Haniel – and the foundation that is part of the family-owned company – the principle of the honorable merchant provides guidance for successful, long-lasting, and sustainable business, especially in today’s increasingly networked world. The essay „The honorable merchant“ tells more about our vision and mission. You can find the essay here.

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„Gaming? Serisously?!“ – Third WHU Dialogue in Berlin


Yesterday the 3rd WHU-Dialogue took place in Berlin. Topic was „Gaming? Seriosuly?! – Digital games as untapped social potential“. Organized by WHU Foundation also Alumni of Haniel Foundation were present. Aims were to demonstrate connections and cooperation possibilities with the gaming culture and bringing togehther important stakeholders such as Felix Oldenburg, Secretary General of the Association of German Foundations in Berlin, Dr. Maximilian Schenk, Managing Director of the German Games Industry Association and PietSmiet, presenting their charityevent „Friendly Fire“.