Haniel Scholarship Programme

Opportunity for graduates

Together with the German National Academic Foundation, the Haniel Foundation has been supporting young graduates since 1992. It offers up to eight scholarships every year for a business-related postgraduate course in or outside Europe. This allows young German scholars to acquire supplementary qualifications to take up responsibilities in multinational companies and international organisations.

Open to all subject areas

The scholarship programme is one of the most highly subsidised programmes in Germany. It consists of a Master's degree course lasting at least two semesters. This is then followed by an internship of several months. The minimum requirement for applicants is a Bachelor's degree. The German National Academic Foundation is in charge of the application process and selects the scholars to receive support.


Everything at a glance

The factsheet (in German) on the Haniel Scholarship Programme contains information on requirements and achievements.


The German National Academic Foundation

The German National Academic Foundation can answer any questions on the Haniel Scholarship Programme.


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